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According to 2ebuiseness Ecommerce Solutions, the following are some of the golden rules of web design:

8 Must Know Rules In Web Designing

According to 2ebuiseness Ecommerce Solutions, the following are some of the golden principles of web design:

1. Content

When making your design, put in mind that visitors do not go to your website for entertainment. They go to your website to find good and accurate information. So as a web designer it is your duty to provide quality information to your users. Minimize the use of heavy graphics and never use full flash contents.

Good contents do not only benefit your visitors it also makes your website llok good to search engines. One of the main reasons why you are creating a website is to make your company visible in the World Wide Web community, thus making it searchable by the search engines is a must.

Proofread the contents of your website and carefully watch for spelling and grammatical errors.

2. Design an easy to scan website.

Most visitors when they go to your site, they will quickly scan your website and look for hints about the information they are looking for. So when you design your site, scan it the way your visitors will, that is in a broad horizontal strokes. Use short sentences, good explanatory headings and good layout.

3. Clear navigation.

Create a site that can be easily navigated by visitors. Make sure that visitors can go back to the index page from anywhere in the site.

4. What product are you selling?

If your site is intended to sell products, make sure that once visitors go to your site they will be able to know at first grasp what are you selling and what makes you different from other vendors. It is also good to include information on how to use your product.

5. How to buy?

Make it as clear as possible for potential customers how to make a purchase. It is also good to provide a phone number where they can ask questions just in case some things are not clear to them.

6. Update your website.

For customers and search engines as well, it is good to visit a website that is being updated from time to time.

7. Feedback

Provide a mechanism for giving feedbacks. Whether negative or positive, getting feedbacks gives traffic to your site.

8. Put up contact information.

This is one of the important elements of a website. Make your contact information available to the visitors as much as possible.

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