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The 7 Steps to Health and the Big Diabetes Lie protocol is one of the most popular diabetes treatment plans available today. This treatment plan involves 7 simple steps to help reverse diabetes, leading to better health. This treatment plan will help you manage your diabetes much more easily as far as your diet and lifestyle choices are concerned.

What is referred to as the 7 Steps to health and the Big Diabetes Lie?

This is a treatment plan for reversing diabetes which was created by Dr. Max Sidorov. The plan comes in the form of a book that is a compilation of scientifically proven data from researchers from all parts of the world. In the book, Dr. Max claims that you can reverse diabetes almost completely without ever taking any drugs or pills.
How does the treatment plan work for you?

Basically, the book contains a 30-day diabetes plan that is meant to help reverse your diabetes in 7 simple steps. However, in order to get the best results, you need to strictly follow the protocol without any exceptions.

Secondly, the book also contains a list of foods that can worsen your condition, thus increasing your risk of diabetes. Included in this list are foods like white sugar, coffee, frozen foods, as well as a number of processed foods. It also talks about the dangers of white sugar as well as how it can lead to diabetes and high blood pressure.

The 7 steps to Health, the Big Diabetes eBook also advises readers to focus more on low-fat foods and also refrain from consuming large amounts of fast foods and white foods, including gluten containing grains and white pasta. In addition, it encourages readers to embrace the idea of consuming real food and drinking water in order to help clean and detox their bodies, and also lose weight.

Benefits of the plan

The 7 steps to Health, the Big Diabetes Lie guide is associated with the following advantages:

-It is a life changing program that leads to a complete change in the way you think about the causes of diabetes and other related diseases.

-The program is backed by scientific research findings collected from doctors from all corners of the world. This means that is an authentic program that leads to the intended results.

-It comes with many bonuses that are meant to help you keep focused and achieve your weight loss goal. In addition, the program will help you improve your energy levels as well as overhauling your lifestyle.

-The Big Diabetes Lie Package actually covers everything you need to know about exercise and diet in order to manage your condition effectively.

-The program is available online and you can therefore implement it as soon as you download it.

-It contains simple, easy to follow recipes, which are also well presented. It also contains illustrations that will help you check whether you are doing the right thing.

-The program also comes with a money back guarantee policy.


The guidelines contained in the Big Diabetes Lie package have been found to be sound because they are fully backed by scientific research findings. It is indeed a comprehensive plan to help reverse diabetes completely without the use of medications.

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