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6 Things You Might Have Forgotten For Your Wedding

Every bride spends hours and hours planning the details of her wedding from what dress she will wear to the menu for the reception. Whilst wrapped up in the excitement of arranging the event many brides overlook a few crucial details which can be very important on the day. If you are planning your wedding now here are some things to consider which may not have occurred to you.


Nobody can control the weather and the best laid plans can be ruined if you are not prepared for the rain. It is not helpful to arrive at church and then realise that you have nothing to protect you from the elements. There are sure to be some people around with offset umbrellas but do you really want to walk up to the church with a bright green golfing umbrella over you? Invest in a nice ivory bridal umbrella in advance and take it in the car with you. You won’t regret it!


It is really useful to have a bag on the big day. You will need somewhere to put your phone, keys, natural cosmetics and other small items and whilst you can give them to someone else to look after it is always nice to have them with you. There are many gorgeous bridal bags available and if you choose the right one you can actually enhance your look. Small bags for the bridesmaids are a great idea too. Wedding shoe specialists Rainbow Club and Paradox London have a selection of ivory bags which can be dyed if you are wearing a coloured dress.


Remember that weddings can be very emotional occasions and it is quite possible that you will shed a tear. Rather ruining your new husband’s fancy handkerchief take a pretty one of your own just in case.

Ring Cushion

Not every couple uses a ring cushion for their service but if you like the idea of your rings being presented this way then sort out your cushion well in advance as they can be difficult to find in the shops and you may have to order online. The German company Emmerling have an excellent selection of ring cushions to choose from.


You may be able to find your way down the aisle without your specs but if you need reading glasses you might require them for the words to the hymns or for signing the register. Pop your glasses into your bag or give them to someone to look after for you in case you need them. Squinting brides are not attractive!


In all the excitement of choosing their dress and accessories many brides don’t think too much about what underwear they should have and those that do often select something that may look sexy but is far from comfortable. You have a long day ahead of you so comfort is the first priority and also finding pieces which do not show through or above your gown. Both Princess Tam Tam and Eberjey offer lingerie that is comfortable but pretty and feminine like the Amaya and Anouk Collections. Sort out your undergarments before you have the first fitting for the dress.

Sally Stacey is a wedding professional and bridal shop owner who has seen a few important oversights at Weddings.

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