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4 Creative Ways To Apply Embeddable Tweets

Twitter, the social marketing giant has always come with surprises. They have integrated several innovative features to their website. Now you can do a lot with your twitter account and drive a lot of traffic to your website quickly. Internet marketers love the website, the simple, easy social platform. The user interface and the idea is so simple that every internet user admires Twitter. Today a lot of marketers buy twitter followers to get more positive social signals on the web-sphere. Here, you’ll discover about a cool Twitter feature and some creative ideas of applying that.

4 creative ways to apply embeddable tweets: some brainstorming ideas

You will find several websites and blogs that have embedded their twitter posts on the external platform. You must have wondered about the application of twitter widget or something. However, it’s nothing but an innovative feature from Twitter. You can embed the tweets, discussions, comments or anything you want using an embed code available on twitter. Let’s discover some creative ideas about using the feature.

#1 Share your customer’s feedback and testimonials on your site

A Twitter-widget like interface will always draw attention to the first timers on your website/blog. If you’re selling a product or service online, you should use twitter for getting feedbacks and comments from the clients. You can share those comments and feedbacks on your site as embeddable tweets and grab attention immediately.

#2 Get some Twitter-guest-bloggers for your website

Not only yours, you can also share the Tweets, posts and comments from others profiles. This way, you can get some Twitter-guest-bloggers for your website/blog right away. You can get famous personalities and renowned bloggers for your website and generate visitors almost instantly. May be the famous guest bloggers will drive a lot of traffic to your website just for the embeddable tweets.

#3 Include tweets in your emails as e-signatures

You must have noticed some customized email signature including embeddable tweets these days. These email signatures are great for event organizers, marketers and sales professionals. These customized e-signature will definitely grab visitor’s attention. An image, a small animation can definitely enhance the beauty and acceptance of an email signature.

#4 Include the relevant tweets inside your blog posts

Bloggers love to play with creative ideas while posting their content on the website. They love to include videos, images, polls and other engaging components inside the posts. The smart widgets can change the outlook of your blogposts significantly. However the embeddable tweets are something that can enhance the value of your blogposts and make it more attractive in the eyes of your readers (and also, the search engines).

***Why Twitter is Internet Marketers’ favorite social platform?

You can gain followers on twitter from different resources or you can buy twitter followers to create a social buzz using the social media giant. According to the experts, Twitter is more effective than other social platforms. That’s why the internet marketers pay more attention to this simple, powerful social media marketing platform.

Recently Twitter has also come forward and adding more features to help the marketers. You should learn about those amazing tools and use them implementing creative ideas to drive more traffic from Twitter; and more traffic means more money!

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