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3 Reasons Why Men Pull Away

It’s something that almost all women fear. He is spending more time with his friends or not keeping his promise to take you to lunch on Saturday. Or maybe he suddenly has to be somewhere else when you suggest a snuggly sleepover. Nothing sends alarm bells ringing in a woman’s head like a man’s move to spend less time with her. So why do men pull away? We look at the top 3 reasons and give you some hot tips on handling the situation like a lady.

Long term commitment is on the cards

If he is generally nice guy who is honest, treats you well but is backing away slowly it could be that he is realizing you might be a keeper. This generally happens at around 3 months into the relationship and can really scare some guys.

If he is on the verge of commitment, he needs space to get his head around that. Give him that space. If while in that space he decides he ain’t coming back, then it’s probably for the best. For both of you. If he comes back to you, you’ll know he’s for real. He has thought things through and will appreciate that you trusted him enough to do this.

He is a player

OK. Don’t panic, but it is a possibility. He might have a whole lot of secrets that you don’t even want to know. Again, if this man is pulling away, let him go. Do it for yourself as much as for him. His true colours will shine when he is in his own space and you’ll hear about it. You might even see it for yourself. If you discover that this hero is out there playing the field during his ‘away’ time- let him know that you know. Don’t play with a player. Be upfront and move on. It hurts at first but you just saved yourself a whole lot of pain down the track.

He isn’t doing it on purpose

This guy trusts you and loves the relationship you share. A man like this knows how to look after himself. Essentially, he isn’t pulling away at all! He is just having some fun with the lads, shooting some pool or hitting the gym. Basically, he is doing what men do. He does it to be a better man, to maintain his own identity in the relationship. You should do the same. Meet up with the girls for coffee or have a ladies-only morning at the beach.

This creates an amazing sense of balance in the relationship- as long as your intentions match his. Remember; he doesn’t mean to pull away. If you intentionally pull away to have fun with your friends, he will feel it- and that’s not nice.

At the end of the day, it’s all about communication and commitment. A relationship should be voluntary and act as a healthy safe haven for both parties.

Of course there are a lot more reasons why men pull away, visit at to learn what you can do if you sense this happening in your relationship.

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