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10 Useful Steps to be a Better Web Designer

A great web designer is the one who can easily create great website designs after the latest trends have already passed. When starting a web design job, always consider the basics that have been learnt from books and internet. Below are the 10 useful steps to be followed to become a better web designer.

1. Trends
New web technologies are appearing these days. So it’s important to be up to date with the latest trends in the web design field. However trends do not mean copy and paste someone else work. Consider others work to get inspiration for your web design works.

2. Learning and developing is an ongoing task
Great website designers are always on the move to know about the latest styles out on the web. Learn, learn, learn… There are lots of website regarding interface designs. So consider them frequently for new design ideas. is a great place for interface collection for design inspiration.

3. Sketching is crucial
If you are still in the beginning stage of a wireframe or simple web design ideas, sketching should be done. Get away from your computer and do something on paper before starting the design on the computer. Try to write down whatever comes into your mind. From whatever on paper, then it will be easier to translate the work on the computer. Don’t ever be so excited and just start everything on the PC.

4. White space
Keep designs simple. Readability in a web page is key to its success. For some great design works, please check out

5. Technology / Software

Keep up to date on the latest software coming out in the web design field. If you want some online training, you can consider

6. Read magazines
There are various good magazines recommended to be read. Computer arts magazine, Smashing magazine are among those.

7. Know who you are targeting
Try to figure out the market your client wants to target. Gather information like the age group, demographics and other related info before starting the web design. If you are designing something you like, that does not mean the client will like it.

8. Get other’s opinions
When designing, try to get opinions from colleagues and other people. You can also post your work on some websites and lets others comment on your work. In this way, you will get various opinions, good and bad. So comments should be welcomed and don’t ignore any one’s comments if its negative.

9. Organise your tools and assets
Old works done, codes and other design tools should be well classified in your hard disk. Create different folders, example, CSS, Flash, Forms etc. While working on a web design project, that will help you a lot to find something. This will save you enormous time.

10. Competition
Always, take a look at what other web designers are doing. To be aware of what is happening in the web design field is a must. There are lots of websites on these. So please check from frequently.

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