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10 Popular Blogshops in Singapore

Online shopping has become one of the most desired ways to buy things in 21st century. It can be quite confusing to decide where to shop considering the amount of scams online. To help you out with that, you can find the ten popular Singapore BlogShops listed below based on the rankings, web traffic, ratings and their services. There is certain information from these blogshops that you should be on the lookout because it will help you decide which blogshop suits you best and which ones to avoid.

Mich Sara

Mich Sara has been around for quite some time now, enabling them to have a good online presence. They stand at Alexa ranking 1,008,125 but their ranking dropped from 630,414 since 2013 probably due to the amount of new websites saturating the market today. One of the most notable features or offers from them is the free shipping for normal purchases beyond $50 and $100 for registered ones. As for their tops, all of them can be bought within a price range of SGD 20 and SGD 30 and none falls below SGD 20.

Runway Bandits

As for Runway Bandits, what can be observed is that they have a physical shop. This shop offers you a price for tops that are slightly higher than the two websites above and they have a limited design for sale. But their apparels on sale are very attractive and look like value for money.

Le Summer

Le Summer was founded in 2013 in Singapore. The most interesting part of this online shop is that this shop brings you fashion at the most affordable price. They aim to bring us, the fashionistas, the most fashionable clothes across the world without compromising the quality. Le Summer does justice to your money.

Theory of Seven

They have a unique collection and if you are a lady who loves classy and sexy outfits, you can choose a few from their tops collections. Their prices are somewhere in between SGD 20 and SGD 30 but it is worth the price as they have rare fashionable tops and other apparels. Right now, most of their items are yet to arrive.


KissJane Singapore offers a wide variety of fashion items from different brands. When you shop here, you can browse according to their products or brands. This makes this shop an ideal spot to look for specific brands. What’s unique about this shop is that it is actually a consolidation of all other shops. A great place to explore all other brands around and their price varies greatly according to the brands.


This shop has a good collection of dresses the average price almost at SGD 30. This shop has been around since 2007 and is a well-established online blogshop run by Pei Ling.


Ohvola has been around since 2007 too and one of the most notable accomplishments is that their apparels are always unique and comes with their own in-house labels too. Its Alexa ranking stands at 446,087, contributing the success it has made so far. The price they offer lies somewhere between SGD 20 and SGD 30 for tops. One of the sisters who own the shop also models for the apparels.


This blogshop is owned by two sisters and they specialise in lady wear. They also have a retail space at KissJane, which is another blogshop in Singapore. But their dresses can be a bit pricey as most of them are SGD 30 and above. This is an ideal spot to purchase all lady wears including blazers.


This blogshop was started in April 2008 and they are the perfect wardrobe updater for ladies. An interesting offer they have is the weekly themed launches that target women under 35 years with a very affordable price. They are having a clearance sale right now so it is a good chance to grab.

Her Velvet Vase

This is also a company owned by sisters. The sisters have separate blogs to update buyers with their latest arrivals and news. Almost 90% of the apparels are produced by them with only 10% imported from foreign countries. They have unique designs.

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