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10 Great Things about Jack The Ripper Tour

10 Great Things about Jack The Ripper Tour

When on your tour of London be it in your RV or other means, make sure you go on a Jack The Ripper Tour and see for yourself the famous murder mysteries. Here are the 10 great things about this tour.

  1. Great history

The mystery of Jack the Ripper has for so many years intrigued people all across the world. With a Jack the Ripper Tour, you will not only see for yourself what the story is all about, but you will have the best history class you ever had about this legend.

  1. The terror

Jack the Ripper tours are undertaken at night; the same time they were often committed. The tours will take you on a mysteries journey in the dimly lit streets to bring back the horror that Jack would cause to the residents of London.

  1. The details

Few serial killers in the world have had the attention enjoyed today by Jack the Ripper. Owing to that, a lot of research has gone into investigating the ways he killed people and yet still managed to hide his identity till this moment. All that history is at your disposal when on a Jack the Ripper Tour.

  1. The documentaries

On a Jack the Ripper Tour, there are several stop-overs where you can be educated on the murder mysteries. Among them are some of the most detailed documentaries on a character available. You will literally participate in finding the Ripper.

  1. Murder sites

The Ripper was a murderer, and being on a tour of his acts cannot be complete without visiting the places he committed his heinous acts. Jack the Ripper tours ensure that you visit the exact places his victims were found and then you’re told how he murdered them.

  1. Going back in time

The Jack the Ripper tours are structured to look like investigations. Meaning that your tour guide will be retracing the exact same steps the Ripper used when committing his murders. If you ever wished you could be a part of an investigation team, here is your chance.

  1. The discussions

Jack the Ripper tours are not just about listening and doing what you are told to do. Rather, they are deep investigations where the tour guide helps you visit the sites of murder, collect evidence and try to solve the murder together.

  1. The storytelling

On these tours, you get to engage some of the most interesting tour guides you will ever meet. Some of them are accomplished actors and authors who have done deep research into the Jack the Ripper mysteries. And they bring that back to life with their stories and tips.

  1. The pictures

Yes! There are actual pictures of the streets and alleys at the time the murders were being committed by the Ripper. These serve to make the tour experience even livelier as they bring the murder investigations to life like never before.

  1. Case documents

Did we say you are becoming a Victorian CSI of a kind? Well, on this tour, you will have the chance to peruse the actual documents to the case. In this way, you will have an idea of exactly what happened and how the police responded to it.

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